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Our lab is looking for new postdocs, lab assistants, and students!


Our goal is to establish a living biobank of lung cancer patient-derived organoids and develop an image-based high-content screening platform to evaluate and predict treatment responses of small molecule drugs and immune therapies. Integrating 2P light sheet, 2P light-scanning, and 2P-3D-SPT microscopes, the imaging system enables us to acquire subcellular structure, metabolic signatures, biomolecule dynamics, and intravital images of organoids. Parallel biological and clinical assays will be conducted along with the image-based high-content screening. These validations include biochemical cell viability assay, intravital imaging on patient-derived xenografts, histological characterization, medical imaging, targeted gene panel sequencing, and mRNA gene expression profiling. The current focus of our work is to establish the organoid bank and the high-content screening platform.

Training opportunities

Our team members will have excellent training opportunities in (i) advanced fluorescence microscopy, (ii) quantitative image analysis, (iii) molecular cell biology techniques, (iv) organoid technology, (v) scientific writing and technical presentations, (vi) effective communication skills, (vii) professional networking among domestic and international collaborators.

Desired skills

Postdoc researcher: strong motivation for independent research; solid doctoral publication record; doctoral training in experimental cell biology, biophysics, bioengineering, or a combination

Biology lab assistant: responsible and accountable personality; team player; solid skills in molecular biology

Optical lab assistant: responsible and accountable personality; team player; experience in the instrumentation of fluorescence microscopy

Student: passion in science; strong motivation for pursuing advanced degree oversea; solid fundamental knowledge in cell biology, biophysics, or bioengineering

Project funding

The team members will be funded by a 5-year grant (MOST Young Scholar Fellowship). The postdoc will also be encouraged to apply for fellowship supports, such as Graduate Student Study Abroad Program (千里馬), LEAP Program (博士創新之星計畫).

Career opportunities

Dr. Liu aims to send postdocs and graduate students to our collaborators in Texas. These institutes include the University of Texas at Austin, UT Health Science Center at Houston, UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, University of Houston, Houston Methodist.

Get in touch

Please send Dr. Liu an email ( with your CV and a brief letter (either in English or Mandarin) describing your interest in the position, along with any questions you may have.

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